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Thank you for purchasing an Aristocraft Inflatable product, with just a little effort your Aristocraft product will last many years.

Please always make sure you keep your inflatable boat clean and away from direct sunlight when not in use. As all Australians are aware we have some of the most deadly UV rays on the planet and while we protect ourselves from dangerous UV then same should extent to your inflatable boat.

Always keep your inflatable boat in its inflated state, if you must deflated your Aristocraft boat please wash with soppy water to remove all salt deposits, dry off and roll up, you can add a little talc powder or silica patches to take care of any moisture. Storing your boat wet will cause mould and odour this may lead to a shortened life.

Aristocraft Marine offers boat storage covers at very affordable prices, and while they are not true UV protected covers any cover makes a difference.

Aristocraft Marine recommends the use of 303 Protect-ant on all its products, think of it as sunscreen for your boat. Follow the directions on the bottle for best results. 303 Protect-and contains NO silicone, but rejuvenates the boat lustre appearance and being non silicon based product puncture repairs if required are easy.

To remove scuff marks from shoes, pylons etc Aristocraft recommends the use of Marine Clean & Protect's inflatable boat and fender cleaner, this amazing product does wonders for your boat and marks just disappear.

How to repair a puncture on a PVC boat.

Step 1, inflate your boat and use warm soapy water to locate a leak; this will appear as a constant bubble trail, in some cases you will only find a very slow leak either way it needs to be repaired. With a marker place a mark where the leak is then rinse off all soap. With very small holes such as those from fish hooks or thorns from a prawn etc a simple external patch is all that is required. Make sure that you clean the surface with either ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL or Acetone. Cut a round patch of the same colour material from your repair kit; be sure to make the patch at least 80mm. Place the patch over the hole and using a pencil draw the perimeter around the hole. Apply glue with a brush to the boat first WARNING do not use too much glue, a thin film is all that is required. Apply glue to shiny side of the patch, allow 5 minutes for the glue to dry, place the patch onto the surface of the boat. Take a hair dry and gently warm up the patch, once warm take a hard smooth round piece of plastic and starting from the centre squeegee the patch working from the centre out to the edge of the patch. Allow 8 hours for the glue to completely set, pump the boat up and your back in action.

Shown below is how to repair a larger hole.
Before you attempt this type of repair practice on some off cut material which may have come with your boat.

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